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Joe Fix Its stocks a killer line of hockey and figure skates during the winter. Everything from "I just need something to get me out on the pond with my kids" to "I want what Marc Staal is skating on." And if the skates are thermoformable, meaning they're made with a custom-fit upper that form-fits to your foot after some time in our special oven, the service is included (a $25 value)! Most mid to upper-level hockey and figure skates are thermoformable.


Whether you've brought your skates out of the attic and think it's time for their yearly sharpening or need your skates in their best shape for the upcoming state championships, Joe Fix Its' custom-radius skate sharpening from Blademaster - while you wait - will give you the edge you've been looking for.


From gloves to helmets and shin guards to shoulder pads, Joe Fix Its has the best equipment the industry has to offer - and an expert staff to give you the perfect fit.


If it always seems like your kids are getting bigger, your wallet is getting smaller, or you just want to save a little bit on skates this year, a pair of used ice skates from Joe Fix Its will get you out on the ice with most of your money still in your wallet. With a large range of both sizes and price levels, there's sure to be a pair for you. And there's more: you can trade them back in when you're done with them toward another pair.


Re-live your 80s childhood with a pair of Rollerblade inline skates. Today's skates are more comfortable, faster, and easier to brake with than ever before. Joe Fix Its also sells all the accessories and safety equipment you'll need to enjoy your new skates (except the yellow cassette Walkman).

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